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20-in-1 Keyboard Cleaning Kit Dustproof Portable Cleaner Keycap Puller Kit Labor-saving Accessories for Earbuds Camera Monitor

20-in-1 Keyboard Cleaning Kit Dustproof Portable Cleaner Keycap Puller Kit Labor-saving Accessories for Earbuds Camera Monitor

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 1. 20 in 1 Multi-function: The cleaning kit contains 20 accessories, which can deeply clean most devices such as mobile phones, headsets, computers, digital cameras, etc., to clean stains, scale particles, dust, etc., and remove the key caps from the mechanical keyboard. The separated extension design allows for the use of an extension rod to increase the length of the tool when longer tools are needed to adapt to the usage environment. Circular storage barrel design, not easy to lose. Carefully designed storage box, each tool fits perfectly and is easy to carry.

 2. Headphone Cleaning: Clean the headphones thoroughly without leaving any dead corners. Charging compartment brush and plush stick, deeply clean the earphone charging compartment opening and dust inside the compartment; The earphone brush can clean the earphone noise reduction hole and microphone; Cleaning the pen tip can deeply clean gaps and small edges.

 3. Keyboard Assistant: Make cleaning simple and easy to clean keyboard gaps. Key puller: Pull vertically to remove the key cap; Puller: Clamp the shaft body in place and forcefully pull out the shaft body upwards. Use a keyboard bristle brush in conjunction with a key puller and shaft puller to thoroughly clean the keyboard and sweep out dust from the gaps. Note: The mechanical keyboard shaft body that can be replaced can be directly removed.

 4. Screen Cleaning: Equipped with cleaning solution, bid farewell to greasy touch, and the screen is bright and clean as new. The storage box cover comes with microfiber flannel. After spraying and wiping, it will be clean as new. Not only mobile phone screens, but also televisions, computers, car screens, handheld devices, etc. can be cleaned (please choose the option with cleaning solution).

 5. Camera Cleaning: When there is a strong wind blowing the air cylinder, press the blowing cylinder to blow out the dust in the gaps of the camera. The blowing nozzle (long and short rods and long rods) can be replaced; Camera cleaning brush with soft bristles that do not damage the machine and clean small gaps of dust; Camera screen brush, clean the camera lens, absorb screen dust, and make the lens look new.


 Origin: Mainland China

 Color: White


 A: No Cleaning Liquid

 B: With Cleaning Liquid

 Material: ABS+cloth+sponge+metal

 Applicability: Compatible with most wireless earphones, mobile phones, tablets, computers, televisions, razors, cameras, camcorders, game consoles, keyboards, and other digital devices on the market

 Size: About 8.9x5.7cm/3.50x2.24inch

 Weight (including cleaning agent): 150g




 Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!

 Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement. 





 1 * Storage box   

 1 * Large cleaning brush   

 1 * Screen cleaning cloth   

 1 * Dust removal gas blowing (suitable for camera surface dust removal treatment)   

 1 * Air blown extension short rod   

 1 * Accessory extension rod (extension accessory handle)   

 1 * Screen cleaner (A only has empty bottles, B contains cleaning solution)   

 1 * Small hard bristle brush   

 1 * Small soft bristle brush   

 1 * Shaft puller   

 1 * Card retrieval pin   

 1 * Key extractor   

 1 * Small elbow brush   

 1 * Headphone compartment cleaning pile   

 1 * Headphone brush   

 1 * Clean the pen tip   

 1 * Soft bristle short brush   

 1 * Headphone charging compartment brush   

 1 * Camera screen brush   

 1 * Air blown extended long rod   





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