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2017 1MHz Ultrasonic Cavitation Cellulite Weight Loss Machine Ultrasound Therapy slimming equipment Massager 110-240V

2017 1MHz Ultrasonic Cavitation Cellulite Weight Loss Machine Ultrasound Therapy slimming equipment Massager 110-240V

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 How Ultrasound Works

 Mechanical Vibration: The technology of ultrasound revolves around the transmission of cyclic waves through the skin and the surrounding tissues. The ultrasonic machine sends millions of vibrations (1,000,000) per second into the deep tissues of your skin - breaking stubborn fat so that the fat can be decomposed. Ultrasound also encourages the production of collagen, which irons out unsightly wrinkles and fat deposits. Ultrasound vibrating in a high frequency results in increased tissue stimulation, promotion of local metabolism, and excretion of skin waste.

 Deep heat: As a result of millions of tiny sound waves being sent through your skin per second, frictional heat is created. This heat in the deep layers of your skin facilitates skin metabolism (collagen rejuvenation and reduction of fat deposits). This heat also causes your skin to excrete waste in a way that no soap can match. This collateral technology associated with ultrasound was developed in the past decade and is only now available to the general public to use in their own homes. Through the slight heat that is produced by the friction of the sound waves interacting with your deep tissue, the gooey waste that rests just beneath your skin will be dissolved and the cellular fat shrunk. This all leads to a more attractive and younger appearance. 




 Mini portable

 Fit for any kind of skin

 Comfortable, no pain no wounds, no side effect

 Easy to learn easy to use

 Significant results, No Rebounding Phenomenon 


 Voltage: AC100-240v 50/60Hz

 Mainframe voltage: DC24v

 Max Power: 8w

 Operating frequency:1MHz 



 With the principle of ultrasonic wave and the mechanical vibration generated by high frequency current, this product can massage your deep-seated skin to bring heat effects and increase the metabolism of skin tissue and improve the circulation of blood. Also, it can help the body to decompost unwanted fat and tone up your body the way you like it.

 The creative desigh of GB-818 ultrasonic slimming massager is to ensure simplicity of operation. The effet is so obvious that you can get desired result. It`s very convenient for you to carry out. This is the best partner of your beauty and helth.

 By utilising DC 24V low power source, it can ensure safe while used. Accroding to personal different requirements, it has 2 operating modes and 8 levels of intensity for choice. Also, timer can be preset from 5-30 minutes 







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