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2X Adjustable LCR Notch Filter Full-Frequency Horn Dedicated Fever-Grade Audio Filter Horn Blocker

2X Adjustable LCR Notch Filter Full-Frequency Horn Dedicated Fever-Grade Audio Filter Horn Blocker

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     Why use LCR correction network notch filter? The flatness of the frequency response curve is one of the most important and direct indicators that affect the correctness of the sound. The function of the wave trap LCR network is to balance the local peaks of the mid-frequency or mid-high frequency of the speaker frequency response curve, maintain a reasonable flatness, and make the sound at a better level.  

The specific sense of hearing is that the peaks in the middle and high frequencies are attenuated, and the overall sound is more balanced. in particular, the notch filter is used to fine-tune the tone, and the higher the equipment, the better the difference. It may not be obvious in programs with ordinary sound quality and low-end power amplifiers.  

Is a trap filter necessary? Not required. It attenuates the treble, and friends who like brighter treble do not need a notch filter. Friends who do not have high requirements can not use a notch filter. in fact, based on cost and technical level considerations, the traditional low-end full-frequency has not been designed for this. We have actually tested a good speaker with a notch filter, and the sound effect can be improved to a higher level.  

Is the damper correction network a frequency divider? Many friends think that the addition of a full-range speaker unit is a frequency divider. Rigorous manufacturer plus network is only to change the parameters in a good direction to obtain the correct sound. As for the frequency divider, its core is dividing, the LCR correction network is connected in series in the circuit, and there is no extra speaker, there is nothing to divide, so it is not a frequency divider.  


Are there any examples of using the calibration network for full-range speaker units of major brands?  

Rigorous production of full-range speakers will have such a design, Norway's SEAS (Sias) full-range speaker unit, the United States AURA, full-range speakers, as well as Jiebao/JBL, Dr./BOSE, Edifier/Edifier, Sony/Sony , FOSTEX, Mark full-frequency speaker unit, Xizi morning glory full-frequency speaker unit, Ruifan acoustic full-frequency speaker unit, etc., DIY and other models have officially designed wave traps, you can search for specific conditions. in the low-end and low-end Feile, there are also examples of friends designing wave traps.  

Is this notch filter suitable for all kinds of speakers?  

Strictly speaking, the notch filter should be determined after debugging according to the effect of the speaker after packing. We consider the situation of most of our friends when designing. This notch filter is suitable for 3.5-5 liter bookshelf speakers. Floorstanding speakers, components may be adjusted  

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2 x audio filter  

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