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3 PC Tubing Cutter Set 3/16-2Inch O.D. Copper Pipe Cutter,1/8-7/8Inch O.D. Fit For Copper,Aluminum

3 PC Tubing Cutter Set 3/16-2Inch O.D. Copper Pipe Cutter,1/8-7/8Inch O.D. Fit For Copper,Aluminum

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     Professional Cutter Set: tubing cutter set includes a heavy-duty copper pipe cutter, a mini tube cutter, and a deburring tool. The copper pipe cutter is suitable for 3/16inch to 2inch O.D. pipes with 1/8inch max cutting thickness. And the mini pipe cutter can cut 1/8inch to 7/8inch O.D. pipes with 1/20inch max cutting thickness. Perfectly perfect for aluminum, copper, PVC, and thin stainless steel pipes in HVAC, plumbing, construction, air conditioning and heating systems.  

Effortless and Stable Cutting: This cutting tool set incorporates 3 ergonomic designs for exceptional stability and high cutting efficiency. smooth bearings ensure seamless rotation and precise control. Innovative rotating and retractable mechanism allows for flexible size adjustments. Soft rubber pad for superior grip cushioning and enhanced slip resistance, ensuring optimal comfort and safety during operation.  

Ultra Sharp SKD Blade: High-hardness SKD blade effortlessly cuts through various materials such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum, galvanized, and plastic pipes, creating smooth and clean cuts without rough edges. Robust aluminum alloy blade body also boasts high robustness and durability.  

Mini Copper Pipe Cutter: Our mini pipe cutter can effortless cut pipes with 1/8inch to 7/8inch O.D. and a maximum thickness of 1/20inch . Its compact and portable body allows for flexible use in narrow spaces while maintaining durability and sturdiness. Highly suitable for both beginners and professionals alike.  

Convenient Deburring Tool: The cutting tool set comes with a deburring tool as an additional accessory, allowing for quick, clean, and convenient deburring in various tubing sizes and materials. Whether it's metal or plastic pipes, users can easily remove the burrs left after cutting, ensuring smooth and unobstructed flow inside the pipes.  


Material: plastic+metal  

colour: random color  

note: randomly colored. Cannot be chosen the specific color.  


Package Contents:   

3 x Tubing Cutter  

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