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6-Inch 10PCS Carbide Burr Set, Double Cut Tungsten 3Mm (1/8Inch) Shank Carbide Rotary Burr Rotary Files Diamond Burs Bit

6-Inch 10PCS Carbide Burr Set, Double Cut Tungsten 3Mm (1/8Inch) Shank Carbide Rotary Burr Rotary Files Diamond Burs Bit

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     A set of competition requirements: titanium -plated diamond drilling Bur Set Bur Set is specially carved, cut, polished, maintained and completed. G, H, L, M, and N type burrs. The shape of the torch, cylindrical round head shape, pointed shape, cylindrical shape, spherical shape, etc. Currency diversity and value. Can meet your long -term use needs.  

Superior materials: Made of Superior materials, -hardness, high strength and durability. The service life is 8 times longer than the HSS tool. Can be used to deal with: iron, steel, etc. Used life and durability for precise cutting. The cutting is very clear, the grinding speed is higher, the effect is better, and the mold processing is less wear.  

Efficient work: 1/8 inch The handle rotation tool is suitable for DREMEL and the smallest rotation tool, with three types of jaw Chuck, which can accurately live. It has a smooth effect when applying Pushing various internal holes and aircraft. Humanized design and simple insertion process are very easy to use. Reduce labor and improve labor efficiency.  

The dual -cutting design of these carbides rotating the grooves of the burrs is crossed, and the effect is more fine than single cutting. Faster cutting time, better polishing effect, higher efficiency after cutting, and smooth surface. Carving, carving and polishing, bevering, grooves, rotation, hollowing out, shellcai and some soft metals. Not suitable: epoxy resin.  

Wide application: All diamond drills are 1/8 inches, compatible with most rotating tools and grinders. These tools are very suitable for woodworking, carving, carving, carving, polishing, polishing, chamfering, grooves, grooves, rotation, rotation and shell. Good grinding effect. Make your DIY project more effective! All are stored in plastic boxes. Easy to store and carry. Keep space for finishing.  


Material: Carbide  

colour: silver  


Package Contents:   

10 x Diamond Burs Bit  

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