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BIO Electric Face Lifting Device Moisturizing Electrodes Face Lifting Device Wrinkles Removal Improve Absorption for Beauty

BIO Electric Face Lifting Device Moisturizing Electrodes Face Lifting Device Wrinkles Removal Improve Absorption for Beauty

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       1. Improve Absorption: Electrodes skin lifting machine can improve the absorption capacity of human skin, make the cells nutritious enough, cell elastic fibers are not easy to break or produce wrinkles.    

2. Promote Circulation: BIO electric face lifting device promotes lymph circulation, maintains healthy metabolic function, strengthens the vessel wall and muscle activity, and improves vasodilation and body function.    

3. Skin Care: BIO electric skin lifting device can greatly supplement human bioelectricity, promote cell vitality, accelerate cell metabolism, eliminate black spots, shrink pores, remove aged cutin, and improve the skin.    

4. Body Shaping: Electrodes face lifting device adopted special microcurrent suitable for human body, produce fine massage on human skin, effectively improve the of the body and face, make the skin smoothing and elastic.    

5. Skin Cleansing: Made of copper and fiber, BIO electric gloves have prevent inflammatory and odor effects that effectively dissolve dirt in pores and cleanse the skin, also can enhance skin ability to moisturize.    


Item Type: BIO Electric Skin Lifting Machine    

Material: Metal    

Voltage: 110-240V    

The principle of cold and heat balance massage: when the human skin and capillaries are in the alternating action of cold and cold, that is, the function of "expansion in heat and contraction in cold", the human cells are stimulated, the vitality is greatly enhanced, the metabolism is accelerated, the circulation is accelerated, the elasticity of blood vessels and skin is improved, the skin is smoothing and delicate, and full of vitality.    

Application scope:    

1. Remove residual impurities due to poor circulation, toxins;    

2. Purify blood vessels;    

3. Calm, soothe and relax the nerve;    

4. Activate and improve circulation;    

5. Strengthen muscle tissue movement, promote its function and metabolism;    

6. Accelerate lymphatic transport;    

7. Delay the aging rate of skin;    

8. Improve tissue regeneration to produce more collagen and elastic fibers;    

9. Improve the sensory strength of skin nerve endings;    

10. Keep skin healthy and rosy.    


    How to Use:

         1. Connect the power supply and handle    

         2. Turn ON/OFF switch    

         3. Adjust functions and parameters    

         4. Please turn off the power after use    


    Package List:

    1 x Electrode Skin Lifting Machine

    2 x Double Tube Handle 

    2 x Single Tube Handle   

    1 x 2 In 1 BIO Electric Gloves

    2 x Roller Handle

    1 x Cold Hot Hammer

    1 x Plug 

    1 x English Instruction


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