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Chiropractic Adjustment Tool Manual Spinal Massager Corrosion Resistance Spine Adjuster for Back Massage for Muscle Relaxation

Chiropractic Adjustment Tool Manual Spinal Massager Corrosion Resistance Spine Adjuster for Back Massage for Muscle Relaxation

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       1. Manual Massager: Which designed based on the massage method of human hands and can stimulate nerve cell and the normal function of an organ resulting in rapid recovery the body function.    

2. 10 Level Force: Can be adjusted 30N, 60N, 90N, 120N, 150N, 180N, 210N, 240N, 270N, 300N, meet your various needs,can contact with skin under 2.3cm, effectively adjust bones, ease pains, massage one time can got longer time relaxing.    

3. High Quality Workmanship: 304 stainless steel machine has good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanic performance.    

4. Body Massage Relax: Stable and strong strength will be provided, more effective and comfortable massage,suitable for scoliosis, thoracic spondylosis, cervical spondylosis,can be used for joints relief, cervical adjustment, thoracic massage, body massage health care etc.    

5. Wonderful Gifts: High quality workmanship which can bear multiple tests, providing durable use, mechanic therapy, easy treatment, time saving, energy saving. chiropractic tool is an ideal gift for your loved ones.    


Item Type: Electric Spine Chiropractor    

Material: Stainless Steel    

1. Body Massage: Provide stable and powerful force, more effective and comfortable massage,    

2. Suitable for scoliosis, thoracic and spine soreness, and can be used for joint relief, cervical spine adjustment, thoracic spine massage, cervical spine massage, body massage and health care    

3. Principle of Physical Pressure Massage: Imitate human hand massage, adjust bones, straighten the spine, immediately dredge upright, get rid of pain, and make people refreshed and energetic. It can be in contact with the skin under 2.3cm to effectively adjust the bones and massage once to make the relaxation time longer. Will provide stable and strong power, more effective and more comfortable    

Strength Adjustment: 30N, 60N, 90N, 120N, 150N, 180N, 210N, 240N, 270N, 300N    

1. Neck Syndrome: Headache, dizziness, insomnia, restricted neck movement, neck pain, numbness in the arms, and neck movement disorders.    

2. Chest Syndrome: Back pain, shortness of breath, loss of appetite, gastrointestinal disorders    

3. Lumbar Syndrome: Acute and chronic low back pain, lumbar disc herniation, numbness of legs and feet    

4. Pelvic Syndrome: Sacroiliac joint subluxation, sciatica, toes    

5. Scoliosis: Prevent traditional spinal health degenerative diseases    


1. Eyes and surrounding areas, myocardium, spinal cord, gonads, kidneys and liver.    

2. Blood diseases, coagulation problems or use of anticoagulants.    

3. Polyps in field.    

4. Thrombosis.    

5. Tumor diseases.    

6. Polyneuropathy.    

7. Children's cartilage growth    

8. Use fatty alcohol treatment    

9. Not suitable for areas close to large nerve tracts, blood vessels, spinal cord and head    

10. Major diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and pregnant women.    


    How to Use:

         1. When using, it is forbidden to hit the , and the rubber head must be strong.      

         2. Speed: Front section to screw down, strength becomes large, screw up, strength becomes small      

         3. Put the handle of bone setting gun on the palm.  Place rubber head on the body part to be hit and apply downward force.  Pull black part of bonesetter into palm of your hand and pull it back and forth.      

         4. When using high frequency frequently, please add lubricating oil appropriately.     


    Package List:

    1 x Adjusting Corrector Gun

    1 x English Manual 

    1 x Storage Bag

    6 x Heads



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