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Detox Foot Care Machine Cell Ion Ionic Aqua Foot Bath SPA Cleanse Machine Fir Belt Box CAN Foot Bath Massage Pain Relief Machine

Detox Foot Care Machine Cell Ion Ionic Aqua Foot Bath SPA Cleanse Machine Fir Belt Box CAN Foot Bath Massage Pain Relief Machine

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By naturally reducing the toxins in our bodies, the additional benefits are      

Increases Energy      

Significant Pain Relief      

Improves Sleep and Memory      

Cleanses Kidneys, Liver, And Parasites in our body      

Enhances Immune System      

Liver Detoxification which cleanses overall body      

Normal Blood Pressure and increases Blood Circulation      

Alleviates Allergies      

Increases daily energy level      

Help weight reduction      

Increases Metabolism      

Reduce constipation      


      First, the button function is indicated:      

1. LCD screen size: 10cm*6cm.      

2. Turn on the "Power" button and the LCD screen will light.      

3. The default working time is 30 minutes. The user can press the "Time" button to select the appropriate working time. The time is displayed on the LCD screen.      

4. Far infrared heating belt. There are three working modes: low, medium and high. Press the "belt" button to open the belt heating function or select each working mode. " " will be displayed on the LCD screen.      

5. The working mode is displayed as POS: 50%, which means the hydrogen head of the machine is working.      

6. There are three working modes available for this machine. You can press the "Hydrogen Water" button to select the desired working mode.      


A) Mode 1: POS 50%: Low      

B) Mode 2: POS 70%; mid-range      

C) Mode 3: POS 99%; high grade      


      Note: If you choose Mode 3 at first, people will feel a little dizzy, so please use the mode first.      


7. Four massage working mode wave frequencies displayed on the LCD:      

Mode 1: ; Mode 2: ; Mode 3: ; Mode 4: ; Each massage function mode has a "0--100" weakness and intensity.      

Second, the specific use of operating instructions:      

Step 1. Prepare the plastic foam basin and add tap water or warm water.      

Step 2. Connect the power cord plug and turn on the power.      

Step 3. Plug the ion head plug into the correct ion head jack.      

Step 4. Place the ion head in the basin.      

Step 5, put the feet into the basin, such as the bubble in the foot bath process is not enough, you can add some salt in the water to stir and dissolve, the current is controlled at A=1.8--2.3.      

Step 6. Insert the belt plug into the correct belt jack.      

Step 7. Fasten your belt to your waist or other suitable position.      

Step 8. Insert the massage patch plug into the correct massage patch jack.      

Step 9. Place the massage patch on your shoulders or other suitable position on the back. Choose your position according to your needs and stick it on your skin.      

Step 10. Press the main power switch to start the power of the machine.      

Step 11. Press the power button on the machine and the machine starts working.      

Step 12, hydrogen-rich ion foot bath default.      


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