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EMS Small Home Multifunction Digital Pulse Meridian Acupuncture Electrotherapy Physiotherapy Massager 8 Electrode Patch

EMS Small Home Multifunction Digital Pulse Meridian Acupuncture Electrotherapy Physiotherapy Massager 8 Electrode Patch

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Please read the entire instruction manual before you use Low-frequency Multi-function physiotherapy instrument Model: AST-2012A. It will give you a better understanding of how the product works. If you are unsure whether a medical condition should preclude you from using the device, consult your physiotherapist, osteopath, or medical practitioner.     

1.11ntended Use / indications for Use EMS (Model)     

It is intended to stimulate healthy muscles in order to improve and facilitate muscle performance.     

     TENS (Mode 2)     

To be used for temporary relief of pain associated with sore and aching muscles in the shoulder, waist,back, back of the neck, arm, leg, and foot due to strain from exercise or normal household work activities by applying current to stimulate nerve     

1.2Special Population     

The Low-frequency Multi-function physiotherapy Instrument, Model: AST-2012A is mainly used for adults, not for any children.     


     5 Precautions     

1)If you feel discomfort or abnormal symptoms from the treatment, please stop using the unit and consult a doctor before resuming treatment cycles.     

2)During a treatment cycle, if you wish to move the electrodes to another location of your body, please switches off the unit, and then move the electrodes to resume treatment.     

3)If you have any problems setting up, maintaining or using this device, please contact manufacturer or customer service. Please report to manufacturer if any unexpected operation or events occur. Don't open or repair the device by yourself.     

4)Dust may affect the performance of the unit, please use a dry soft cloth to clean the device as needed.     

5)Please use the device as directed in the Users' manual, otherwise the effectiveness of the device will be influenced.     

6)Please keep the device out of reach of infants, children or peas,     

inhalation or swallowing of small parts is dangerous and can be potentially fatal.     

7)Please use accessories that are specified / authorized by manufacturer only. The use of unauthorized accessories may cause damage to the unit or danger to the operator/patient.     

8)If you are allergic to plastic, please don't use this device.     

9)Long cables have the potential to strangulate, please be careful when using cables around the neck and shoulder areas.     

10)Do not bend or fold the Meridian patches frequently, this may cause the patches to not function properly. Store the patches on the plastic patch holder or on the protective clear plastic sheet when not in use.     

11)Do not apply ointment or any solvent to the patches or to your skin because it will cause the patches to not stick and function properly. The patches are already pre-gelled and will adhere to your skin when moist.     

12)Do not use the unit in areas of high humidity, such as the bathroom or in the shower as this may cause damage to the unit.     

13)During treatment ensure that metallic items with conductive capabilities such as necklaces, belts, rings etc. are kept away from the electrodes.     

14)Make sure the wire is securely plugged into the device, the wires are well connected and the Meridian patches are stuck tightly on the skin area where you wish to treat to ensure effective therapy.     

15)If using rechargeable 1. 5V batteries; be sure to use a CE approved battery charger. Never connect the unit directly to a battery charger or to other powered equipment.     

16)Simultaneous connection of a patient to high frequency surgical equipment may result in burns at the site of Low-frequency Multi-function physiotherapy instrument, Model: AST-2012入 electrodes and possible damage to the device.     

17)Patches should not be placed simultaneously on the soles of both feet,     

18)Patches should not be placed simultaneously on the calves of both legs.     

19)Do not share patches with another person, This may cause a skin irritation or skin infection. Individuals should have their own set of patches for personal use.     

20)Do not leave patches attached to the skin after treatment-     

21 i Do not use the unit in the presence of a flammable anesthetic gas mixture, compressed Oxygen or Nitrous Oxide.     

22)If the unit is not functioning properly or you feel discomfort during use, stop using the device.     

23)Do not use for any other purpose except for what it is intended for.     



Normal Condition: DC: 0.5mA     

Number of Output Modes: 25     

Number of channels: 2     

Output Intensity level: 50     

Output Intensity: 0-52V     

Dimension of Main Unit (LxWxH): 147.6 x 75.7 x 22 mm     

Dimension ctfEtedrode Pads: (LxW) 89 x 55 mm     


Output Specification     

Waveform Pulsed, symmetric, biphasic     

Shape Rectangular, with interphase interval     

Pulse Duration: 12ms     

Pulse frequency: 77.3Hz     

Treatment Time: 5-60 min     


Package Contents     

Massager (built-in battery)*1     

Cable line*2     

USB charging cable*1     

English manual *1     

Electrode patch (8 or 12 optional)     




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