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Fan Seating Cushion Chair Pad Bamboo PU Cool for Office

Fan Seating Cushion Chair Pad Bamboo PU Cool for Office

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       1. WITH FAN: Equipped with two intake fans and 360 degree multi directional air supply holes, the seating cushion quickly dissipates heat from the buttocks and keeps cool in summer.    

2. WIND POWER ADJUSTABLE: The wind power of the seating cushion is adjustable that you can make adjustments according to your needs.    

3. BAMBOO, PU LEATHER MATERIAL: Made of premium bamboo and PU leather material, this seating cushion is cool and comfortable to use, and not easy to deform, ensuring long service life.    

4. APPLICABLE SCENARIOS: The seating cushion is suitable for office, driving, study, etc. Use it wherever you want.    

5. IDEAL REPLACEMENT: Wonderful replacement for the old and damaged parts, fine workmanship, attention to details, helps you improve seating experience!    


Item Type: Fan Seating Cushion     

Product Size: Approx. 49 x 43.5cm / 19.3 x 17.1in (manual measurement has an error of Approx. 1 to 3cm / 0.4 to 1.2in)    

Product Material: Bamboo, PU Leather    

Scope of Use: Seating cushions for home, office, and car use.    


    How to Use:

Unplug the USB cable from the seating cushion, connect the power supply, press the switch to turn on the fan, and click to adjust the gear position.    

    Package List:

1 x Fan Seating Cushion   




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