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Far Infrared Stovepipe Belt. Electric Vibration Leg Massager. Kneepad Warm Old Cold Legs.

Far Infrared Stovepipe Belt. Electric Vibration Leg Massager. Kneepad Warm Old Cold Legs.

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                  Function and principle:

Using the principle of infrared heat to burn leg fat, you can control your own heat and

temperature. Choose the right temperature!

Use 30 minutes a day, once a day, use 20 days, reduce the leg circumference by more t

han 3CM, the average leg fat can lose 4CM leg circumference, as long as you continue t

o use, you can reduce the leg circumference to your satisfaction degree.

Product principle:

It uses the principle of infrared heat to burn leg fat, without using any slimming crea

m, and without worrying about whether it is allergic, it can be safely thin.

It can reduce the size of the legs at the same time. And it works quickly. Generally, w

hen you use it, you can adjust the temperature automatically, and you can control the h

eat according to your own feelings. You don't have to exercise, you will feel a lot of swe

at in your legs after 5-6 minutes, and you can feel the whole body lighter in about 15 mi

nutes. Especially the legs have a lot of sweat dripping out. The power can be turned off

after 30 minutes of use.

The next day, stick to it, so that the fat in the legs is burning, so your legs will soon b

ecome thinner and slimmer. Generally, it can be found that the legs will be thinner 1-5CM

after 30 days of use.

Common far infrared therapy solutions:

1. How long is the use of far-infrared thermotherapy?

A: It can be obvious that the effect can be 30-40 minutes every day. If you need to swe

at, it starts to sweat. It takes 20-30 minutes to be full, but because of your personal physi

que, it is best to use it after 1 hour after eating.

2. Why do you use sweating with far-infrared thermotherapy?

A: Use far-infrared thermotherapy to sweat at lower temperatures. Generally, exercise

can only discharge water, sodium oxide, potassium chloride and urea. Far-infrared ther

motherapy can discharge lactic acid, cholesterol and heavy metals in addition to the m

etabolites released by exercise. The detoxification effect is good and it is very beneficia

l to the body.

3. Some people are not easy to sweat when using far-infrared thermotherapy due to p

hysical relationship. How to promote sweating?

A: Far-infrared thermotherapy does not sweat, but it is best to sweat. If the elderly o

r a weak person is not prone to sweating, please use it patiently every day. If you want

to take a hot bath before the far-infrared thermotherapy, it will also promote sweating.

4. What is the weight loss effect of far infrared thermotherapy?

A: If a normal person sweats for 40 minutes, it can probably discharge about 1 liter

of sweat. The metabolites emitted by far-infrared thermotherapy have been mentione

d above. The reason for losing weight is that the discharge also includes excess subc

utaneous fat in the body. It is best to use the repeated method of using far-infrared t

hermotherapy to lose weight, that is, heat → supplement a lot of water → sweating →

shower → heat → add a lot of water → sweating → shower, the best effect.

Product parameters:

Weight: net weight 0.9kg

Product composition: high temperature resistant silicone carbon fiber heating wire /

high frequency vibration massage, hot high and low control switch / waterproof ca

rbon fiber nano cloth / high-tech thermostat / 24V vibration motor

Rated voltage: input voltage 220V, output voltage 12V, power 60W

Product size: length 70cm, width 26cm;

Heating range: 68cm*24cm

Adjustable leg circumference: 40cm~65cm;

Line length between two knee pads: 100cm;

Bus length: 190cm


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