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Freckle Removal Pen Smoothing Skin 100-240V Spot Mole Removal Pen for Beauty Salons

Freckle Removal Pen Smoothing Skin 100-240V Spot Mole Removal Pen for Beauty Salons

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       1. Easy Remove: Skin spots remover machine can effectively sweep pigment nevus, wart, freckles and flat moles, which can create a smoothing and beautiful skin for you.    

2. 3 Needles: Freckle mole removal pen adopted 3 needles can be used, with a copper tip, which are easy to install and remove, bring you much convenient.    

3. Prevent Scar: Freckle removal pen can avoid all kinds of skin lesions caused by bleeding, wounds can heal easily, no bandage is needed and no scar is left.    

4. 1000mAh Battery: Freckle mole removal pen built in 1000mAh lithium battery, full charged can be used for about 2‑3 hours, which can bring you much convenient.    

5. Compact Size: Freckle removal machine is small in size and light in weight, with a streamlined body, comfortable to hold, perfect for beauty salons and home use    


Item Type: Mole Removal Pen    

Material: ABS    

Voltage: 100-240V    

Color: Blue    

Battery Type: Lithium Battery (Included)    

Battery Capacity: 1000mAh    

Instrument Operation    

1. Charging: Connect the power cord to the machine and charge it for two hours. Normally, it can be used for about 10-15 days.    

2. Operation method and technique, button for light pigment removal of low energy options. If you turn the button to the right position, it is high energy for dark spot, pigment, nevus and epidermal flesh nevus removal.    

3. Turn on the machine, press the energy button, and the light will be on. When the needle comes within a millimeter or so of the skin, it automatically releases energy.    

Operation Method:    

1. Cleanse and anesthetize your face    

2. Cleanse your face    

3. Needle cleansing (Soak the needle in the cleaner for 5-10 minutes)    

4. Treatment    

5. After treatment, if there is hard alloy on the needle, it can be scraped with a knife or sandpaper.    

6. The needle should be cleansed before use.    

The relationship between electrode thickness and cutting area:    

When the electrode area is larger, the spark is dispersed, the wound is larger, and treatment effect is poor. When the electrode area is small, the spark is concentrated, the wound surfaces is small, flat, the healing is fast, and treatment effect is good. We use fine needle as electrode for treatment, small cutting area, good toughness, easy to bend into different angles, can treat multiple parts of the human body.    

The relationship between the electrode tip and the target tissue space:    

When the space is large, the sparks will disperse and the fluid will quickly drain away, drying out the cuticle. During treatment, the dry cuticle was wiped with a cotton ball dipped in saline to facilitate the observation of surgical progress. When the spacing is small, there is no spacing. Completely become the conductor target tissue, generate current electrode and target tissue can not spark excitation, cutting will be slow, the hemostatic effect will not be good enough. A certain distance between electrode and tissue is beneficial for treatment.    


    Package List:

1 x Mole Removal Pen    1 x Copper Tip

    3 x Needle

    1 x Manual

    1 x Plug

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