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HF Short Wave Standing Wave Meter SWR Power Meter + OLED + Battery Short Wave Standing Meter Silver

HF Short Wave Standing Wave Meter SWR Power Meter + OLED + Battery Short Wave Standing Meter Silver

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     The OLED mini standing wave meter hardware uses a 2.23-inch 128x32 resolution orange OLED screen as the display screen, and AVR's mega32 acts as the MCU. It has a built-in polymer lithium battery with a capacity of 350 mAh and 8.4V, and is charged with 5V (micro-usb). The standing wave detection part uses a three-magnetic ring detection circuit, M-type (SL16) connector, volume: length 118.5mmxwidth 35mmxheight 26mm (maximum size).  

OLED mini standing wave table software, the software corrects the nonlinearity of the diode with 1024 point interpolation algorithm, and can simultaneously display standing wave, peak forward power PF, peak reverse power PR, average forward power AF, average reverse Power AR. The operating frequency is 1.6MHz-30MHz, and the maximum measurement power is 100W.  



The M socket on the left side of the standing wave meter is the input terminal (connected to the radio station), and the M socket on the right side is the output terminal (connected to the antenna). Turn the power switch on the right side of the standing wave meter. When the standing wave meter is turned on, it will first display the world map, then display the version number and battery power (just for reference), and then enter the main measurement interface. At this time, if there is a signal, it will display the standing wave and corresponding power value.  

Charging LED indicator, always on during charging, and off after charging. When there are input overvoltage, output undervoltage and overvoltage, output short circuit, charging time overtime, it will flash at a frequency of 1.6Hz.  




Package Contents:  

1 * Short Wave Standing Meter  

1 * USB cable  


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