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Infrared Heated Legs Sauna Belt Tools with Vibration Heating To Thin Instrument Massager Leg Massager 220V

Infrared Heated Legs Sauna Belt Tools with Vibration Heating To Thin Instrument Massager Leg Massager 220V

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 Far infrared leg and thin waist equipment. Has a very strong penetrating power. Can penetrate deep into

 the skin. Warms the body from the inside. Give biological cells vitality. At the same time there are adjuva

 nt treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, lumbar muscle strain. And other diseases


 Using the principle of far-infrared thermal energy, it activates the superficial cells of the skin and increas

 es the microcirculation blood circulation speed. Far-infrared can reach deep into the skin at high-caloric

 temperatures. Dissolve the body's fat burning. Don't worry if you are allergic. Must be used with slimmi

 ng cream. If you put a layer of plastic wrap. The effect will be better


 When used according to their own urban capabilities. Choose a different temperature. When a certain t

 emperature is reached, the constant temperature mode starts.


 Operation steps:

 1. Fix the slimming belt at the waist

 2. Turn on the power. Turn on the controller switch

 3. Adjust the controller button to adjust the temperature. (Rotate clockwise to raise. Adjust according to pers

 onal affordability)

 4. When heating, the red indicator light indicates high temperature. Green represents low temperatures. At

 constant temperature. The green light indicator shows high brightness. The red light goes out

 5. When used. The internal heating parts of the accessories cannot be pasted to each other. After using it. P

 lease keep it separately



 Will you use the high heat mode for a long time. One burn or long blisters. Please control the temperature

 according to your own situation. The massager has overheat protection. When the temperature exceeds

 75 degrees Celsius. The device will stop running




 1. Please use when sleeping. Do not fold and oppress

 2. Use it for the first time. The product can be used on pajamas. Test temperature is overheated

 3. For best results, drink hot water before use. To accelerate body metabolism. The site of weight loss can be applied

 with some essential oils. Apply a protective film. Then use the product

 4. Be sure to use a belt in the natural environment. Do not use in air-conditioned rooms. So as not to affect the effect

 of the product

 5. When used. Parts inside the heating parts cannot overlap each other. The switch needs to be turned off after use. Di

 sconnect the power. Wait for the belt to cool down. Place it in a dry place. In order to avoid the belt causing overheatin

 g and sticking together

 6. Do not wash. Please check before use


 Product parameters:

 Name: Far-infrared slimming belt

 Voltage: 220V

 Belt size is about: 118X28.5CM

 Power cord length: 210CM

 Weight: 0.8KG

 Note: There is no box 






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