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LCD Handheld Digital Oscilloscope Kit Plastic 2.8Inch TFT Mini Automotive Oscilloscope Bandwidth 120Mhz

LCD Handheld Digital Oscilloscope Kit Plastic 2.8Inch TFT Mini Automotive Oscilloscope Bandwidth 120Mhz

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     New upgraded version: dual channel 2.8inch HD LCD oscilloscope with 500MSa/s real time sampling rate, 120MHz bandwidth, 500Khz signal generator frequency, vertical sensitivity range 10mV/div-100V/div, it uses ARM+FPGA+ADC chip combination for high speed signal acquisition and data processing, making it the perfect choice for various measurement and test fields  

Professional design: with three trigger modes (auto/normal/single), two trigger types (rise/fall) and two trigger levels (manual/auto). It offers 14 measurement options and supports waveform parameter settings such as time base and amplitude. Save/preview waveforms by clicking the "Save" button, up to 1000 waveforms can be retained and unwanted waveforms can be deleted. One-click Auto Auto waveform adapts to the screen for accurate results without adjusting parameters  

Signal generator: The bottom of the oscilloscope can output a variety of waveforms with 2.5V amplitude, such as sine, square, triangle, half, singe, noise, etc. The frequency adjustment range of sine waveform is 0-10MHz, and the frequency range of other waveforms is 0-2MHz with an accuracy of up to 0.1Hz. For novices, it can also be used to assist in learning to use the oscilloscope and save the cost of buying expensive signal generators  

Cursor measurement: Support for manual cursor measurement Support for horizontal and vertical cursor measurement functions, useful for measuring pulsed signals, spikes or other non-periodic signals  

Safety in use: The handheld oscilloscope is intelligent and burn-proof, with a built-in high voltage protection module that can withstand up to 400V AC/DC voltage signals. And the built-in 4000mAh high quality battery can be used continuously for about 6 hours after a full charge  





Package Contents:  

1 * Oscilloscope kit  

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