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Led Facial Mask Micro Dermabrasion Machine 3 in 1 Vacuum Skin Firming Reduce Wrinkles Dermabrasion Skin Care Machine

Led Facial Mask Micro Dermabrasion Machine 3 in 1 Vacuum Skin Firming Reduce Wrinkles Dermabrasion Skin Care Machine

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 1. FUNCTION: Micro dermabrasion machine removes skin debris, blemishes, wrinkles and excess pigmentation on the skin. The result of is usually a healthy, glowing, beautiful skin.   

 2. 3 IN 1 DERMABRASION: Our micro dermabrasion machine has 3 functions, Micro dermabrasion, Vacuum Suction, Spray Function. It not only cleans your face effectively, but also hydrates and moisturizes.   

 3. APPLICABLE PARTS: This Micro Dermabrasion Machine is suitable for face, forehead, chest, nose, neck and near eye area, with removable stand for easy placement of accessories.   

 4. ADJUSTABLE: The micro dermabrasion machine is equipped with 9 shaped heads with different functions and adjustable vacuum strength to suit different areas of treatment.   

 5. EASY TO CARRY: The micro dermabrasion machine is small and easy to store, so you can enjoy your SPA time at home. If your family or friends receive this gift, they will be very surprised!     







     Item Type: Dermabrasion facial machine

 Material: ABS

 Product Voltage: 100-240V 



     Before preparing : 

 1. Consultation includes skin examination and treatment planning.

 2. The operator should wear gloves and a mask.

 3. For oily or acne prone skin, a face steaming device may be used prior to treatment, or a skim lotion may be applied before cleansing.

 4. Cleanse the skin with cleansing gel or water and wipe off with a cotton pad. Allow the skin to dry.

 Operating Instructions: 

 1. Push the movable of the copper nozzle of the handle. Pull out the vacuum hose. Then push in the black plastic on the vacuum hose.

 2. Put a drop of lotion on the vacuum hose nozzle, push in the movable and insert the vacuum hose to the limit.

 3. Insert the swab into the suction head and tight the head in your hand. Remove the swab after each treatment.

 4. Turn on the power switch.

 5. Use the vacuum regulator to adjust the vacuum strength according to the following reference table, the strength is shown on the vacuum gauge and check with the client if it is comfortable.

 6. Make contact with the skin surface with the inclined area of the handle. Do this with a slow sliding motion. Do not leave the hand piece in one place for too long, as this can cause damage to the skin.

 7 Adjust the stream slowly from minimum to maximum by means of the vacuum adjustment valve. In general, do not set the stream rate to maximum unless necessary. This is for better comfort strength.

 8. Gently stretch the skin with your thumb and other fingers and slide the handle over the treated area 2 - 3 times.

 9. After treatment, brush off all remaining dead skin with a soft brush and wash with a damp sponge or damp towel.

 10. Allow the skin to dry and then apply the desired skin care products.

 11. Clean the operation head, wipe off dirty impurities with a toothbrush or cotton swab, then clean with a UV lamp or high temperature. 







     Package List: 

     1 x Host 

     1 x Instruction Manual 

     1 x Plug 

     3 x Suction Black Head Accessories 

     1 x O Shape 

     2 x Spray Bottles 

     1 x Hose 

     1 x Red Catheter 

     1 x Black Catheter 

     1 x Pack of Large Filter Cotton 

     2 x Small Filter Sponges 

     3 x Micro Engraving Handles 

     9 x Micro Engraved Suction Heads 


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