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Leg Compression Boots Air Hеаted Foot Massager for Therapy

Leg Compression Boots Air Hеаted Foot Massager for Therapy

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       1. Compression Massage: Our leg massagers have built in airbags that provide effective pneumatic massage therapy to the feet, calves, and thighs, effectively relieving stiffness.   

 2. Timer Function: Select from 10, 20, or 30 minute intervals and let our leg massager automatically turn off after use to prevent overuse.   

 3. Mode Settings: Our leg massagers have three massage modes and ten strength levels, providing different massage therapies for daily relaxation and therapy. Perfect for those with different massage needs.   

 4. Body Relaxation: The leg massager can be used on the arms and waist as well, providing a full body massage at home that effectively increases blood flowing and relieves muscle fatigue.   

 5. Best Gift: The leg massager is effective at preventing the development of varicose veins, making it an excellent investment for anyone seeking to alleviate leg and foot problems, and a perfect gift for loved ones, friends, and parents.   

 6. Versatility: Our leg massagers are suitable for people who lack exercise, have leg and foot fatigue, and those who have been bedridden for lasting periods.     



 Item Type: Leg Massager   

 Material: ABS   

 Mode: 3 modes   

 Strength Level: 10 level   

 Timing function: 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes   



     How to Use: 

         1. Please put on the leg massager you want to use and connect it with the main body    

         2. Connect the plug to the socket    

         3. Press the power button to open the device    



     Package List: 

     1 x Host 

     1 x Leg Massager 

     1 x Stopper 

     1 x English Manual 



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