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RF Body Slimming Massager EMS LED Fat Burning Massager Cavitation Machine for Full Body US Plug 100‑240V J

RF Body Slimming Massager EMS LED Fat Burning Massager Cavitation Machine for Full Body US Plug 100‑240V J

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         1. RF: Fast warming deep skin, let the skin in the right state for care, hot compress mode, let your skin feel deep comfort, warming your every cell.     

2. EMS: Micro current muscle movement, micro current deep into the muscle to wake up the skin tightening, to help you professional deep care muscle cells, lifting the face. Professional and efficient.     

3. FAT LOSS: RF thermal fat loss, RF waves penetrate the skin, accelerate fat burning, deep into the skin, directly to the fat cells, for your efficient high frequency fat loss, to achieve the purpose of slimming and shaping.     

4. LED LIGHT : This fat blasting instrument has CV , RF radio frequency, LED red light, three major functions, use in the small abdomen arms thighs, etc., at home or beauty salon are able to use.     

5. THE BEST GIFT: You can give this RF ultrasonic slimming massage instrument to your friends, so that they no longer worry because of the fat on the body, to help them lose fat.     


Item Type: LED cavitation machine     

Material: ABS     

Product Voltage: 100-240V     

Plug Type: US Plug     

Function: CV ultrasonic, RF, LED red light     

Application: Small abdomen, arms, thighs, etc.     

Applicable Scenes: Beauty salon, family, beauty hospital     

Color: White     

How to Use:      

1. Before using this device, please read the "Safety Precautions" in the manual carefully and then use it properly. Please remove your watch, necklace, bracelet and other metal ornaments. Please follow the operating procedures to use the device.     

2. Do not disassemble or modify the device by yourself, if you need to repair, please consult a repair store.     

3. Please do not use the equipment beyond the description of this manual.     

4. Do not place the equipment in the sun, near a fire pit, bathroom or other high temperature, humid places.     

5. Do not place the device near hot electrical equipment to avoid fire, electric shock or other accidents.     

6. Do not put the power adapter in a humid environment to avoid fire, electric shock and other accidents.     

7. Do not use the power cord and adapter after it is damaged, otherwise it will cause a fire.     

8. Please keep the device away from children and people with physical problems.     

9. The device must be close to the body part that needs to lose weight. If you feel that the electronic stimulation is too strong, please stop using it.     

10. CV function must be used with slimming oil or weight loss cream.     


     Package List:

     1 Cord

     1 x Cavitation Machine

     1 x Instruction Manual






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