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RF Cavitation Therapy Light Vibration Body Slimming Massage Device Quality Choice

RF Cavitation Therapy Light Vibration Body Slimming Massage Device Quality Choice

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Portable body slimming cellulite reduction RF machine, stretch marks remover slimming machine


1.30,0000 times /s ultrasonic high frequency vibration, instantly wake up the cells skin inside, impr

ove cell metabolism, promote fat block decomposition.

2.Powerful RF shaping function, heat effect on the dermal layer of the skin, and enhance fat-burning.

3.Wavelength 625nm energy red light with high purity, powerful photosynthetic energy and uniform

energy density characteristics, activate skin cells, promote cell metabolism.

4.Mechanical vibration to make collagen fiber contraction, accelerate the rate of fat decomposition

, effective reduction of stubborn fat.

5.Unique zinc alloy massage head, feel extraordinary, equipped with LCD HD smart display, easy to

operate mode.

6.With user-friendly design , sophisticated internal structure and perfect light extravagant appearanc

e, take the ultimate fitness experience for you.

7.USB charge, use lasting, more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Operation method:

1. After bathing, apply slimming cream / oil on the required thin parts ( waist, thighs, arms, etc)and spre

ad evenly.

2. Press On/Off button, select the appropriate mode, energy massage head touch the skin to work.

3.Hold the handle tightly, uniform press massaging the required thin parts from down to up with circle w

ay, repeat 2-3 times.

4. After using, please clean the massage head with soft cloth or wet wipes in time.

5. Placed the machine in dry ventilated place.

6. When charging, please first open the charging port silicone plug, then insert USB cable to charge.


Brighten Skin Mode

Energy LED red light+RF(red light flash slowly, flash quickly, steady on; three modes).

Burn fat Mode

Energy LED red light+Ultrasonic CV.

Burst fat Mode

Energy LED red light+RF+Mechanical vibration VIB(red light flash quickly+intermittent mechanical short vibra

tion, red light flash slowly+intermittent mechanical long vibration, red light steady on+mechanical long vibrat

ion, three modes).

Shaping Mode

Mechanical vibration VIB+Ultrasonic CV(intermittent mechanical short vibration, intermittent mechanical long

vibration, mechanical long vibration, three modes).

1. Boot to brighten skin mode, can change working mode by pressing function selecting key.

2.Please use the matched adapter to charge.

3.One key to turn on, press 2s to turn off with "di di" sound; When power is not enough, will with "di di" sound, please charge in time.

4.If many hair on using part, please shave firstly, then use the machine.

5.Using effect is better after bathing.

6.Using the machine with slimming cream / oil together, enhance the effect.

7.No exceed 3 times one week.

8.This product is suitable for hand-arm, abdomen, leg, thigh fat and other fat easy

accumulation part.(Doesn,t use for: head, neck, collar bone, elbow, wrist, knee,

ankle, foot, spine and other parts).


1.To protect the products for better maintenance and keep long life, pis do not use the product when in chargin

g, it is ok to use when it is not in charging.

2.This product use a USB cable to charge and need 2.5 hours for fully charged.

3.Press the button for each time, the indicator light display red show flash, red flash, long red light, light off, 4 lev

el modes.

4.Low power, if battery icon on the led display flash and with a beep sound, please charge.

5.When you press the button without reaction, please charge it, but still don't work after charging, please check the

notes or troubleshooting to solve the problem.

6.During charging, the screen displays the battery charging prompted, When power to the saturation, full battery tips.

7.After charging, place it in a dry and clean place for safe keeping.

8.Fully charge can use about 1 hour. About 20 times each 3 - minute operation.

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