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RF Skin Firming Machine Fat Burning Promote Collagen 40Khz Body Shaping Machine Reduce Stretch Marks for Knees for Skin Care

RF Skin Firming Machine Fat Burning Promote Collagen 40Khz Body Shaping Machine Reduce Stretch Marks for Knees for Skin Care

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       1. Skin Tightening: Body slimming machine can make collagen immediately shrinks at 45‑65℃ to tighten loose skin, which can effectively fade wrinkles and restore skin elasticity.    

2. Body Slimming: Body shaping machine adopted 40KHZ cavitation to eliminate fat and cells, completely remove stubborn fat, and achieve the desired effect of body slimming.    

3. Fat Burning: Body slimming machine converts electrical energy into heat that penetrates your skin and speeds up the fat burning process, help to remove unwanted fat.    

4. Remove Wrinkles: Skin firming machine can help reduce stretch marks, fine lines and scars by releasing an external pull centered on the point of contact, ensuring excellent skin firming results.    

5. Widely Use: RF Skin firming machine suitable for all skin types and body parts such as neck, breasts, back, knees, hips, thighs, buttocks and arm, giving you a comprehensive skin care treatment.    


Item Type: 40Khz Body Shaping Machine    

Material: Stainless Steel, ABS    

Voltage: 110-240V    

Screen Size: 4.3in    

Function: Body shaping, promote absorption, dredging meridians, firming skin    

Functions of instrument heads:    

40Khz probe: High frequency vibration damaging fat cells, with the absorption of shaping products, so that fat cells produce inward damaging, shaping and beautify body.    

Quadrupole RF head: Lift and tighten the skin, massage the body to promote collagen proliferation, stimulate and replenish lost protein, lift and tighten the skin to achieve skin lifting effect and restore skin elasticity.    

Tripolar RF head: Used around the face and eyes to release skin cells with positive and negative microcurrent activation energy, so that fibroblasts can quickly synthesize collagen. It can remove wrinkles and tighten the skin, white and tender skin, shrink pores, remove yellow and skin, remove edema, lift the skin, accelerate facial secretion skin, care for the neck, remove neck wrinkles, tighten and whiten the skin, assist in shaping V shaped face.    


    How to Use:

         1. The product screen is connected with 2 massage probes, the left side is connected with the body massage probe, the right side is connected with 3 or 4 pole probes; (Note: Please connect the massage probe before starting to avoid electric shock)    

         2. Switch on the power supply;    

         3. Press the button to start the machine;    

         4. Press ENTER on the screen to enter the working mode.    

         5. Select the massage probe and enter;    

         6. Adjustment mode (A‑D);    

         7. Adjust the massage level (1‑10);    

         8. Apply massage gel to body parts and press "Start" button to start massage;    

         9. Massage for 10‑15 minutes by pressing "PAUSE" to stop massage 1 probe;    

         10. Press EXIT to return to the page for selecting a working mode.    

         11. Wipe the massage probe;    

         12. Close the product and place it.    


    Package List:

1 x Host    1 x Manual

    1 x Tripolar RF Head

    1 x 40Khz Probe

    1 x Quadrupole RF Head

    1 x Bracket

    1 x Plug

    2 x Spare Fuse

    4 x Screw 






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