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Slimming System Machine 110‑240V 9 in 1 Beauty Care Machine for Waist

Slimming System Machine 110‑240V 9 in 1 Beauty Care Machine for Waist

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         1. Destroying Fat: Body sculpting machine can decipher fat energy and apply to specific treatment areas to destroy the cells in the subcutaneous fat cell membrane, thereby achieving the effect of weight loss and fat reduction.     

2. Firming Skin: RF radio frequency can improve skin firmness, promote the resistance of subcutaneous tissue, promote collagen proliferation, stimulate and replenish lost protein to improve, and lasting anti grief.     

3. Fat Burning: RF negative pressure reduces fat, accelerates fat burning, and lymphatic drainage, vacuum sucks away internal fat, radio frequency heats cell walls and reshapes the body and you will be satisfied with this body slimming machine.     

4. Release Energy: Fat burning machine has 635-650NM wavelength, releases the energy of red LED, penetrates the fat layer and uses heat to dissolve subcutaneous fat. the method is safe, which can dissolve fat, so as to achieve the effect of body sculpting     

5. Deep Treatment: Beauty care machine has a variety of color light and micro electric color light rejuvenation, it is direct exposure to the skin surface, penetrate deep into the skin, reduce wrinkles and restore skin elasticity.     

6. Ice Compress: Our body slimming machine can cool and reduces soreness, shrink pores, and can effectively prevent the continued rupture of capillaries. Ice compress can constrict local blood vessels and inhibit inflammatory response.     


Item Type: Body sculpting machine     

Material: ABS     

Product Efficacy: Multi purpose machine, body care, fat reduction, acid removal, skin rejuvenation, face tightening, lightening of dark circles under the eyes, farewell to body sagging, repairing pores, and exercising muscles     

Power Supply Method: Plug in     

Product Voltage: Wide voltage (110v-240v)     

Various Instrument Head Functions:     

Negative Pressure Radio Frequency Head: Accelerate fat burning to reshape the body and face, the frequency of the machine hits the internal fat, accelerates the heating of the cell wall, and makes the fat broken and burned.     

40K Fat Blasting Instrument: Cracking fat effectively consumes calories, cellular water, and reduces fat cells, so as to achieve the effect of removing fat     

Level 6 Firming Head: Promotes cell proliferation, promotes the resistance of subcutaneous tissue, promotes collagen proliferation, stimulates and replenishes lost protein, improves body skin, and lasting anti aging.     

Level 4 Firming Head: Body lifting and firming massage to promote collagen proliferation, stimulate and replenish lost protein, lift and firm the skin to achieve a skin lifting effect, and restore body skin elasticity.     

Level 3 Firming Head: Facial lightening of fine lines and facial massage to increase collagen, stimulate and replenish lost protein, and improve the effect of firming facial skin.     

Laser Fat Reduction Board: promote blood circulation by disintegrating fat, promoting blood circulation and accelerating metabolism, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss.     

Micro Electric Physiotherapy Patch: Micro current stimulates nerve to cause muscle contraction movement, which makes the body produce passive movement, thereby shaping and exercising muscles.     


     How to Use:

           1. Plug in the power supply, and connect the corresponding instrument head to the corresponding hole on the rear of the host (be careful not to connect the wrong hole, otherwise the instrument head will not work)     

           2. When using the corresponding instrument head to operate, you need to select the corresponding button and press the appropriate mode and strength, and then press the start button, the instrument will run normally.     

           3. When using the laser board, you need to place the patch in the required position and fix it with a fixing tape, and then use it.     


     Package List:

     1 x Host

     1 x Vacuum RF Handle

     1 x 40khz Cavitation Head

     1 x 6 Pole RF Head

     1 x 4 Pole RF Head 

     1 x Tripolar RF Head

     6 x Large Lipo Lasers

     2 x Small Lipo Lasers

     1 x Ice Hammer

     1 x Brush

     1 x 2 In 1 Micro Current  Patch

     1 Cord

     1 x Instruction Manual

     6 x Fixing Tape

     1 x White Instrument Stand

     1 x Large Transparent Instrument Stand

     1 x Small Transparent Instrument Stand

     6 x Filter Cottons



           1. Not suitable for pregnant or menstruating women     

           2. It is not easy to use in patients with malignant tumors     

           3. Patients with unhealed surgical wounds should not use it     

           4. Not suitable for patients with acute inflammation or infectious diseases     

           5. People with heart disease or with a pacemaker are not allowed to use it     

           6. Use enough ultrasonic gel to avoid burns from the overheated instrument head     

           7. Avoid bones, do not stay in one area for too long 8. Wipe the instrument head with a damp cotton cloth or dry towel, do not use disinfectants     

           9. When using the negative pressure head, it is normal for the chassis sound to be a little      






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