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Step Fitness Machine Multifunction Hydraulic Mini Stepper for Office for Home for Travel

Step Fitness Machine Multifunction Hydraulic Mini Stepper for Office for Home for Travel

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         1. Simulated Mountaineering: Simulate mountaineering at home to achieve body shaping without fear of thickening of the calf.     

2. One Machine With Multiple Experiences: Multiple slimming modes, stepper mode, stretching mode, and waist twisting mode.     

3. Mute And Noise Free Design: Silent stepping, exercise does not disturb the people, and will not disturb others' rest.     

4. Intelligent LED Display: Calorie display, real time control of exercise status, making your exercise more reasonable and effective.     

5. Enlarged Non Slip Pedals: Widened pedals, environmentally friendly materials, and grooves are effectively non slip.     

6. All in One Design and Installation Free: Just disassemble and use, one step is in place, installation is free of trouble.     

7. Small Size: Compact size, can be placed anywhere, can be placed in the corner, usually can be used as a stool.     


Item Type: Mini Stepper     

Material: PVC+Stainless Steel     

Function: Burn fat, shape charming curves, beautiful waist and waist, thin legs and beautiful legs, slim arms, tighten buttocks     

Modes: Stepper mode, stretch mode, waist twisting mode     

Power Supply: 1 x AG13 button battery (Not Included)     

Load Bearing: Approx. 100kg / 220.5lb     

Each Mode Functions:     

Treadmill Exercise: Treadmill can keep the bones and joints in good condition, adjust various pain, numbness and other bad diseases of the legs and buttocks muscles. On the other hand, it has the effect of beautiful legs.     

Pull Rope Exercise: Can exercise arm muscles and play a role in shaping. Use with a treadmill to make the whole body exercise together.     

Push Ups: Push ups Mainly exercise upper limbs, waist and abdominal muscles, especially chest muscles. This is a very simple but effective method of strength training.     

Abdominal Exercise: Rolling exercise is mainly used to exercise the rectus abdominis, which can tighten the abdomen and tighten the vest line.     

Striding Exercise: striding exercise can make you fully stretch and make the blood smoothly after exercise     

Twisting Action: twisting action can make the waist get enough exercise, so as to achieve the effect of thin waist     

Important Note: Any input will start the display. Press the mode key to select four functions (time/minute, time, heat, auto scan). The small arrows on the display will show which function corresponds to the four arrows under the display.     

Automatic Shutdown: If there is no signal input within 4 seconds, the monitor will automatically shut down. The signal can be input again through the treadmill exercise contact mode button. Scan automatically in this state, the display will automatically display time/minute, time and heat, 4 seconds each time.     


     Package List:

     1 x Mini Stepper (Battery Not Included)

     1 x English Manual

     2 x Pull Rope

     1 x Hex Wrench


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