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Tattoo Floor Lamp 12W Floor Lamp Stepless for Beauty Salon

Tattoo Floor Lamp 12W Floor Lamp Stepless for Beauty Salon

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       1. Light: With a 50cm light source that can be adjusted for focused or wide area lighting, the LED floor lamp is perfect for any work setting. Whether you need a brighter light for precise work or a larger area of illumination, this lamp has you covered.    

2. Energy Saving: The lamp uses a 12W LED light that is more energy efficient than traditional white light bulbs, making it an eco friendly option without sacrificing lighting quality.    

3. Stepless: The light can adjust its color temperature from 3300K to 6500K and offers seamless, stepless brightness dimming control, enabling you to customize the perfect level of lighting for any situation.    

4. Remote Control: The lamp comes with a remote control, enabling you to easily adjust the brightness and color temperature of the lamp from a distance and reducing the need for physical adjustments.    

5. Detachable: This lamp is easy to disassemble with a stable base, which make it perfect for multiple scenes,such as beauty salon, dental clinic.    


Item Type:LED Floor Lamp    

Material: Aluminum, electric components    

Adapter Input: 100-240V    

Remote Control Battery: 2 x AAA batteries (excluded)    

Power: 12W    

Size: Approx.     

Lamp Length: 50cm / 19.7in    

Lamp Height: 150cm / 59.1in    

Base Diameter: 22cm / 8.7in    

Color Temperature: 3300K-6000K adjustable    

Adjustable Brightness: 0%- (stepless)    

Color Rendering Index: RA>90    

Luminous Flux: 3600LM    

Illuminated Area: 5-8 meters    

Applicable places: home, beauty salon beauty care, nail, eyelash, tattoo, dental, etc.00    


    How to Use:

         Remote Control Description:    

         SETUP: press this key once within 10 seconds after the lamp is just powered on to connect the lamp is powered on. 10 seconds to quickly press the SETUP key on the remote control, the light flashes to indicate the success. (If you keep operating the light does not flash, that the remote control connect success).    

         Activate the remote control button key: After the foot control light is on, press the remote control off key, then press the remote control on key to remote control the button.    

         Brightness plus key: long press or click this key, the brightness increases    

         Brightness decrease key: long press or click this key, the brightness becomes dark    

         Color temperature plus key: long press this key, color temperature increase light color becomes white    

         Color temperature decrease key: long press this key, the color temperature decreases, the light color becomes warm.    

         White light key: press this key, the light becomes white light (6500K)    

         Warm light key: press this key, the light becomes warm light (3300K )    

         Full light/half light key: press this key, the luminaire switch between full power/half power and the luminaire color temperature is neutral light    


    Package List:

1 x Lamp    1 x Base

    1 x Remote Control





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