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Tattoo Machine Kit 5-12V Adjustable LCD Display Tattoo Power Supply Kit Strong Power Interface for Artist for Salon

Tattoo Machine Kit 5-12V Adjustable LCD Display Tattoo Power Supply Kit Strong Power Interface for Artist for Salon

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       1. 1300mAh: Power supply built in 1300mAh large capacity battery, can work continuously for 3‑5 hours under fully charged. LCD screen can display current voltage and residual power.    

2. Strong Power: Tattoo pen built in coreless motor, strong power, low noise, small amplitude, 12V speed up to 10000RPM, with higher penetration, less skin damage.    

3. Interface: Tattoo pen body with 1‑4mm scale line, which can be combined with tattoo clip cord, not only suitable for wired operation, also can be wireless operation.    

4. Voltage Adjustable: Tattoo power supply with 5‑12V adjustable voltage, and the adjustable voltage accuracy is 0.1V, to meet the different speed needs for tattoo artist.    

5. Excellent Material: The body of the tattoo pen and the shell of the tattoo power supply are made of aluminum alloy, which is strong and durable, small and lightweight, and easy to operate.    

6. Widely Used: Complete tattoo pen machine kit, suitable for professional tattoo artist use, and tattoo beginners can also be used for practicing.    


Item Type: Wireless Tattoo Pen Kit    

Material: Aluminum alloy, electronic components    

Product Description:     

1. Tattoo Pen:     

Needle: For the vast majority of tattoo cartridge needles on the market    

Interface: interface    

Tattoo Pen Size:     

Length (without needle): Approx. 124mm / 4.9in    

Diameter: Approx. 30cm / 11.8in    

Stroke: Approx. 4mm / 0.2in    

Out of the Needle Length: Approx. 1 ~ 4mm / 0.04 ~ 0.16in    

Rated Voltage: 8V    

Output Power: 5W    

Start Voltage: 5.0V    

Working Voltage: 5-12V, do not work for a long time overload    

Voltage Speed: 12V speed 10000RPM    

2. Tattoo Power Supply    

Interface: interface    

Battery: Built in lithium battery 1300mAh    

Power Supply Size: Approx. 77 x 23 x 23mm / 3 x 0.9 x 0.9in    

Input: DC5V 1A    

Output: 5-12V    

Output Voltage Adjustment Accuracy: 0.1V, long press for fast adjustment    

Charging Time: 2 hours (charging with a charger higher than 5V is strictly prohibited)    

Use Time: Can be used for 3-5 hours    


    How to Use:

         Power Operation Instructions:     

         1. Long press the power button to turn on or off the power.     

         2. Short press the "+" or "‑" key to easily adjust the voltage, each time you press it, the voltage ± 0.1V.     

         3. Long press "+" or "‑", you can quickly increase or decrease the voltage.     

         4. If you want to pause or restart during use, you can short press the power button.     

         Tattoo Pen Set Instructions:     

         Wired Operation: the tattoo machine will be installed on the needle, connect the  clip cord and power supply, foot pedal, start the power supply, adjust the voltage to operate.     

         Wireless Operation: Conntect the tattoo machine to the  interface wireless tattoo power supply, adjust the appropriate voltage, to operate.    


    Package List:

    1 x Tattoo Pen

    1 x Tattoo Clip Cord

    1 x Tattoo Power Supply

    1 x Power Charging Cable

    1 x Power Supply Manual



Before use, please plug the power and tattoo pen firmly.   



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