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Tattoo Machine Kit Complete Tattoo Kit Shader Liner Adjustable Voltage Disposable Tattoo Needle Reduce Fatigue for Tattoo Shop

Tattoo Machine Kit Complete Tattoo Kit Shader Liner Adjustable Voltage Disposable Tattoo Needle Reduce Fatigue for Tattoo Shop

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       1. Liner And Shader: With 2 professional 8 wraps coil machine, suitable for both lining and shading, increase the tattoo artist's work efficiency.    

2. Anti Fatigue: Light weight, can operate for a long time, reduce the fatigue of tattoo teachers working.    

3. Adjustable Voltage: With 1.5‑18V voltage can be adjusted, provide different voltages to change the power of the coil machine, no need to change the tattoo machine or needle frequently.    

4. Dual Foot Pedal Mode: Tattoo power supply can realize dual foot pedal mode, one key to control foot pedal mode and wireless foot pedal mode, convenient to use.    

5. High quality Motor: Powerful motor, with 4 anti skid and anti scratch foam pad on the back and symmetrical cooling hole design can protect the machine and rapid heat dissipation, long time working without heat.    

6. Safe Tattoo Needle: Disposable tattoo needles, made of high quality stainless steel, continuous needle, with higher penetration.    

7. Long Wire: Longer tattoo clip cord and foot pedal wire, easy to operate and move your body in tattoo working.    

8. Tattoo Handle: With 2 tattoo handles, one is the diameter of 24mm aluminum alloy tattoo handle, adjusting the screw to control the length of the inner tube, so as to control the length of the handle. Another is the silicone tattoo handle, which has its own tattoo needle, no need needle tips and can be replaced.    

9. Complete Set: With complete tattoo accessories, easy to install and disassemble, suitable for beginners and professional tattoo artists, can be operated in practice skin or real person.    


Item Type: Tattoo Machine Kit    

Material: Aluminum alloy, silicone, rubber, non woven fabric, stainless steel, plastic, paper    

1. Tattoo Machine    

Starting Voltage: 3-3.5V     

Working Voltage: 4-7V (Keep the machine working below 10V, can prolong the life of the tattoo machine)     

8 Wraps Tattoo Coil Machine Working Frequency: 4.5V-5.5V 105Hz, 5.5V-6.5V 108Hz     

8 Wraps Tattoo Coil Machine Working Frequency: 4.5V-5.5V 125Hz, 5.5V-6.5 V 128Hz    

2. LED Blue Light Tattoo Power Supply    

Input Voltage: 90-265V    

Output Voltage: 1.5-18V (Adjustable voltage within this range)     

Size: Approx. 120 x 77 x 25mm / 4.72 x 3.03 x 0.98in    

Advantages: LCD, dual machine switch use, light weight, durable    

3. Tattoo Handle     

Aluminum Alloy Tattoo Handle Diameter: Approx. 24mm / 0.94in    

Screw Size: Approx. 2mm / 0.08in    

Color: Green, rose red    

Silicone Tattoo Handle With Needle: 3RL (Replaceable Needle)    

4. Tattoo Foot Pedal     

Wire Length: Approx. 1.4m / 55.12in    

5. Medium Tattoo Ink Cup     

Diameter: Approx. 13mm / 0.51in    

Height: Approx. 11mm / 0.43in    

6. Tattoo Clip Cord    

Length: Approx. 1.65m / 64.96in    

2 Clip Cords: Transparent and Black    

7. Tattoo Elastic Bandage    

Width: Approx. 2.5cm / 0.98in    

Full Length: Approx. 2m / 78.74in    

8. Large Tattoo Practice Skin     

Size: Approx. 200 x 295mm / 7.87 x 11.61in    

Thickness: Approx. 1mm / 0.04in    

Set Advantage: Perfect tattoo tools for beginners and professional tattoo artists, easy to use.     

How to Use:    

1. Install the tattoo needle, tattoo needle tip, tattoo handle, grommet, tattoo handle and rubber band on the tattoo machine.     

2. Connect the tattoo machine and the tattoo power supply, and power on.     

3. This tattoo power supply supports dual machine operation, dual machine conversion, that is, L mode and S mode conversion can be started by "conversion" button.     

4. Switch: After switching on the power, long press the "switch" for 3 seconds to start the machine, and long press the switch again for 3 seconds to close the machine.     

5. Tattoo Foot Pedal: The tattoo foot pedal switch function can be set through the pedal button. If you need to control the power supply through the foot pedal, please insert the foot pedal into the "pedal" jack; If not need the foot pedal to control the tattoo power supply, the machine can be controlled by clicking the pedal switch.     

6. After selecting L mode or S mode, select the corresponding voltage through the "1" and "2" buttons above: L socket has two sets of voltage: voltage 1 and voltage 2 in L mode; S socket has two sets of voltages: voltage 1 and voltage 2 in S mode.     

7. Adjust voltage: Press "+" and "-" to adjust the corresponding voltage.     

Note: When the working voltage of is in L mode 1, if you want to switch to the working voltage of 2 in L model, please directly according to the voltage 2 buttons, press the screen will show "L - 2", later will appear "L - 2" voltage, if directly press the 2 voltage in S model, "L - 1" blink twice, means the switch is wrong, at this time can only through the "" mode to switch.      


    Package List:

    1 x 8 Wraps Tattoo Coil Machine

    1 x 8 Wraps Tattoo Coil Machine 

    1 x LED Blue Light Tattoo Power Supply

    1 x Tattoo Power Supply Instruction

    1 x Power Cord 

    1 x Black Tattoo Clip Cord

    1 x Transparent Tattoo Clip Cord

    1 x Tattoo Foot Pedal

    1 x Green Tattoo Handle 

    1 x Rose Red Tattoo Handle

    20 x Tattoo Needle (Random Model)

    20 x Tattoo Needle Tip (Corresponding To Random Tattoo Needle Model)

    10 x Grommet (Random Color)

    10 x Rubber Band (Random Color)

    10 x Tattoo O‑Rings

    4 x Hex Wrench (1.5mm / 0.06, 2mm / 0.08in, 2.5mm / 0.1in, 3mm / 0.12in)

    5 x Tattoo Transfer Paper

    1 x Practice Skin 

    2 x Tattoo Elastic Bandage

    10 x Medium Tattoo Ink Cup

    2 x 3RL Tattoo Handle with Needle




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