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Tattoo Machine Set Bandage Tattoo Machine Tattoo Ink Transfer Paper Practice Skin Clip Cord for Novice for Tattoo Salon

Tattoo Machine Set Bandage Tattoo Machine Tattoo Ink Transfer Paper Practice Skin Clip Cord for Novice for Tattoo Salon

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       1. Liner And Shader: The speed can 9000r/m under 8V voltage, needle output, less skin damage, better color retention. Low noise during operation, allowing customers to be more relaxed during the tattooing process.    

2. Small Tattoo Power Supply: The voltage can be adjusted arbitrarily within 0‑18V, and the adjustment accuracy is 0.1V. High definition display screen, easy to control and read voltage.    

3. Anti Fatigue Mode: The power supply has an anti fatigue mode function, which reduces the fatigue of the tattoo artist stepping on the pedals for a long time. At the same time, the USB output interface is added, which can supply power to the tattoo auxiliary light (mobile phone).    

4. Tattoo Ink: The 10 color 5ml tattoo practice ink is suitable for beginners to practice, and the black 29.6ml tattoo ink can be used on real people. The pigments are pure in color and can be used to make complex patterns.    

5. Aluminum Alloy Shell Tattoo Pen: Durable and light weight. There are anti slip grooves on the handle, which is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip.    

6. Tattoo Kit: The complete tattoo tool set is not only suitable for beginners to help beginners quickly improve their tattooing skills, but also suitable for professional tattooists.    


Item Type: Tattoo Pen Kit    

Material: Aluminum alloy, plastic, liquid, PP, etc.    

Product Description:    

1. Tattoo Pen    

Size: Length (Without Needle): Approx. 12.2cm / 4.8in, Diameter: Approx. 2.7cm / 1.1in    

Needle Stroke: Approx. 3.5mm / 0.1in    

Applicable Needles: 99% of cartridge needles on the market    

Working Voltage: 6-9V (voltage operation below 10V)    

Speed: 8V 9000r/m±10%    

Interface: DC    

2. Tattoo Power Supply    

Input Voltage: 100-230V, 50-60HZ    

System Voltage: 0-18V (Adjustment Accuracy: 0.1V)    

Rated Power: 23W    

Size: Approx. 8.4 x 7.1 x 2.8cm / 3.3 x 2.8 x 1.1in    

The power supply has an anti fatigue mode function. After adjusting the voltage, press the adjustment button and the anti fatigue mode indicator light turns red. Just step on the foot pedal, and the machine can continue to run or suspend work, alleviates the fatigue of the tattoo artist stepping on the pedal for a long time, short press the adjustment button again to turn off the anti fatigue mode, you need an auxiliary tattoo foot pedal control switch.    

3. Tattoo Foot Pedal:    

Cable Length: Approx. 1.4m / 4.6ft    

Purpose: Control the power switch    

4. Tattoo Bandages    

Size: Width: Approx. 2.5cm / 1in, Length: Approx. 2m / 6.6ft    

Uses: Winding the tattoo pen head, which has a non slip effect.    

5. Tattoo Pigment    

Practice Ink:    

Net Content: 5ml / bottle    

Colors: 10 colors, black, white, silver, light green, light purple, fuchsia, golden yellow, Bahamian blue, cherry red, brown    

Note: The small bottle of practice ink is only for practice skin and cannot be operated on real person. If the pigment is precipitated, it is completely normal, just stir it with a pigment mixer before use.    

Tattoo Ink for Real Person:    

Net Content: 29.6ml    

Color: Black    

Characteristics: Can be used on real person skin    

6. Tattoo Ink Cup    

Medium Ink Cup Size: Diameter: Approx. 17mm / 0.7in, Height: Approx. 10mm / 0.4in    

Small Ink Cup Size: Diameter: Approx. 12mm / 0.5in, Height: Approx. 10mm / 0.4in    

Uses: To hold and take tattoo pigment    

7. Quadruple A4 Tattoo Transfer Paper    

Purpose: Transfer the tattoo pattern to the tattoo part, which is convenient for the tattoo artist to trace, and improves the work effect and accuracy of the tattoo artist.    

Characteristics: A4 quadruple transfer paper, dual use for transfer machine or hand drawing, with clear transfer and full lines.    

Size: Approx. 29 x 21cm / 11.4 x 8.3in    

8. Tattoo Practice Skin    

Material: Silicone    

Size: Approx. 195 x 145mm / 7.7 x 5.7in, Thickness: Approx. 1mm / 0.04in    

9. Tattoo Clip Cord Protection Bag    

Quantity: 100PCS    

Purpose: To protect the tattoo clip cord, to prevent the clip cord from water and cause electric shock    


    Package List:

    1 x Tattoo Pen

    1 x Tattoo Clip Cord

    1 x Tattoo Power Supply

    1 x Power Cord

    1 x Tattoo Foot Pedal

    100 x Tattoo Clip Cord Bag

    5 x Tattoo Transfer Paper

    2 x Tattoo Bandage

    1 x Blank Tattoo Practice Skin

    10 x Tattoo Practice Ink

    1 x Black Ink 29.6ml

    20 x Medium Tattoo Ink Cup

    20 x Small Tattoo Ink Cup



Please allow slight error due to manual measurement. Thanks for your understanding.   



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