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Tattoo Pen Kit Ergonomics Low Noise Sturdy Adjustable Mini Wireless Pedal Tattoo Machine for Liner Shader for Beginners

Tattoo Pen Kit Ergonomics Low Noise Sturdy Adjustable Mini Wireless Pedal Tattoo Machine for Liner Shader for Beginners

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       1. High Quality Material: The body of the tattoo pen adopts a space aluminum alloy frame, which is sturdy and durable, light in weight, and does not fatigue after long term use.    

2. Good Performance: The tattoo pen has a built in powerful motor, high speed, low noise, powerful and stable, and does not generate heat after working for a long time.    

3. Ergonomics: The tattoo pen simulates the grip and touch of a real pen. An ergonomic pen machine provides you with a better user experience. Tattoos are available for eyebrows, eyes and lips.    

4. Adjustable Length: The brushed surface is shiny and bright, and the needle length can be adjusted on the machine, which is suitable for 99% of the integrated needles on the market.    

5. Wireless Pedal: Small and mini, one button control switch, not only get rid of the trouble of complicated connection lines, make the tattoo artist's desktop more tidy, but also prevent leakage and make it safer.    

6. Easy to Use: The power supply is small and light, 0‑18V adjustable voltage, slicing and fogging can be done, easy to operate; the suit is equipped with a tattoo power supply, a wireless pedal and a high end machine aluminum box, which is convenient for beginners to use and store.    


Item Type: Tattoo Pen Set    

Product Description:    

1. Tattoo Pen    

Material: Space Aluminum Alloy    


Length: Approx. 122mm/4.8in (Without Needle)    

Maximum Body Diameter: Approx. 28mm/1.1in    

Connection Method: DC Connection Line or DC Connector Power Supply    

Needle: One Piece Tattoo Needle    

Adjustable Needle Stroke: Approx. 2.5-4mm/0.10-0.16in    

Working Voltage: 5-7V (Minimum Damage to the Machine)    

2. Power    

Size: Approx. 80 x 70 x 25mm/3.1 x 2.8 x 1.0in    

Input Voltage: 90-265V    

Adjustable Voltage: 0-18V    

Applicable Machines: All Kinds of Tattoo Machines    

3. Wireless Pedal (Random Color)    


Length: Approx. 75mm/3.0in    

Maximum Diameter: Approx. 14mm/0.55in    

Purpose: Control the Power Output of the Tattoo Machine    

4. Storage Box    

Material: Aluminum Alloy    

Size: Approx. 260 x 240 x 80mm/10.2 x 9.4 x 3.1in    


    How to Use:

         1. Install the tattoo pen with an integrated needle and adjust the length of the needle;    

         2. Connect the tattoo machine and the power supply with a DC hook cable, and plug the foot pedal into the tattoo power supply;    

         3. Turn on the power supply, adjust the appropriate voltage, and find the appropriate speed to operate.    


    Package List:

1 x Tattoo Pen         1 x DC Connector Cable    

         1 x Tattoo Pen Bag    

         1 x Tattoo Power Supply    

         1 x Power Cord    

         1 x Wireless Pedal(Random Color)    

         1 x Storage Aluminum Box    

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