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Tattoo Power Supply Kit Professional 50ml Liquid Complete 90-265V Tattoo Machine Kit All in One with Power for Beginners

Tattoo Power Supply Kit Professional 50ml Liquid Complete 90-265V Tattoo Machine Kit All in One with Power for Beginners

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       1. TATTOO PEN ADVANTAGES: In operation, the tattoo pen light weight, power, no noise, super , easy to adjust, good hands, Liner, Shader control freely.    

2. COLOR MATERIAL: 10 color tattoo practice color material for beginners to practice the use of color material, 5ml, color rich, tattoo color stirrer can be stirred evenly color material to prevent color precipitation caused by uneven color.    

3. VOLTAGE ADJUSTABLE: 90‑265V input voltage, can be used worldwide. 0‑18V can be arbitrarily adjusted, liner and shader can be completed. The speed reaches 9000r/m at 8V voltage.    

4. TATTOO FOOT PEDAL: Tattoo foot pedal electroshock sensitive, strong conductivity, with non slip pad, more stable use. 1.4 meters of line length, let the tattoo artist use more flexible.    

5. TATTOO TRANSFER PAPER: Can not only transfer the pattern on the transfer machine, but also hand draw the pattern, so that the tattoo artist can outline the line.    

6. SUITABLE FOR: The set of tools are complete, professional, not only for beginners to practice using, to help beginners quickly improve tattoo skills, but also suitable for professional tattoo artist use.    

7. STORAGE BOX: Large size, portable, which can hold a variety of tattoo tools, convenient tattoo artists to customers.    


Item Type: Tattoo machine pen kit    

Material: Aluminum alloy, liquid, silicone, plastic, nonwoven fabric, etc.    

1. Tattoo pen    


Length (without needle): Approx. 8.9cm    

Diameter: Approx. 3.2cm    

Out of the Needle Stroke: Approx. 3.5mm / 0.1in    

Needle: Universal use for 99% of cartridge needles on the market    

Working Voltage: 5-8V (under 10V voltage operation)    

Speed: 8V 9000r/m±10%    

Interface: For DC    

2. Tattoo Power Supply:     

Plug: EU Plug, US Plug    

Input Voltage: 90-265V, 50-60HZ    

System Voltage: 0-18V    

Size: Approx. 9.7 x 7 x 2.5cm / 3.8 x 2.8 x 1in    

3. Tattoo Foot Pedal:     

Line length: Approx. 1.4m / 4.6ft    

Use: Control the power switch    

4. Tattoo Bandage:     


Width: Approx. 2.5cm / 1in    

Length: Approx. 2m / 6.6ft    

Use: Wrap the tattoo pen, to play the effect of prevent slip.    

5. Quadruple A4 Tattoo Transfer Paper:     

Use: The tattoo pattern transfer to the tattoo site, the convenience of the tattoo artist tracing, improve the tattoo artist work effect and accuracy.    

Characteristics: A4 quadruple transfer paper, transfer machine or hand tracing dual use, clear transfer, full of lines.    

Size: Approx. 29 x 21cm / 11.4 x 8.3in    

6. Tattoo Practice Skin:     

Size: Approx. 195 x 147mm / 7.7 x 5.8in    

Thickness: Approx. 1mm / 0.04in    

Material: Silicone    

7. Tattoo Coloring:     

Specifications: 5ml / bottle    

Color: 10 Colors black, white, silver, light green, light purple, purple red, gold, blue, cherry red, brown    

Note: Small bottles of practice color only for the use of practice skin, not live operation. If the color material has precipitation, purely normal, before using the color mixer to mix well.    

8. Tattoo Storage Case    

Material: Plastic    

Storage Box Size: Approx. 27 x 22 x 8cm / 10.6 x 8.7 x 3.1in    


    Package List:

    1 x Tattoo Pen

    1 x Tattoo DC Clip Cord

    1 x Tattoo Power Supply

    1 x Power Cord

    1 x Tattoo Foot Pedal

    1 x Storage Case

    5 x Tattoo Transfer Paper

    10 x Tattoo Coloring  

    2 x Small Tattoo Bandage  

    1 x Tattoo Blank Practice Skin

    20 x Tattoo Color Cups   



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