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Tattoo Printer Supply Low Noise Tattoo Stencil Transfer Machine 100‑240V with 50 Transfer Paper for Tattoos for Tattoo

Tattoo Printer Supply Low Noise Tattoo Stencil Transfer Machine 100‑240V with 50 Transfer Paper for Tattoos for Tattoo

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       1. ABS Shell: Thermal stencil maker is made of high quality ABS material, environmentally friendly, safe, durable, long term use, light body, easy to carry and transport.    

2. Easy To Use: Tattoo copier with fast transfer speed, low noise, stable performance, clear transfer pattern, with 50 sheets of A4 transfer paper, not easy to wipe off.    

3. Practical Tool: Just copy the design to transfer paper, and then copy pattern on the transfer paper to the skin to help the tattoo artist make a more exquisite pattern.    

4. Heat Dissipation Hole At Bottom: Thermal stencil copier with fast heat dissipation, no need to replace parts and ink, no bulb, cylinder or heating .    

5. Unique Opening And Closing Design: Transfer paper cover is easy to open and close, which can keep the paper neat, easy to copy, and convenient for the tattoo artist to work.    


Item Type: Thermal Tattoo Kit     

Material: ABS    

Size: Approx. 292 x 225 x 84mm/11.5 x 8.9 x 3.3in    

Specification: AC100-240V/50-60Hz    

Scanning Method: CIS    

Scan Resolution:     

Horizontal: 8dot/mm    

Vertical: 7.7line/mm    

Effective Scanning Width: Approx. 210mm/8.3in    

File Size: A5-A4    

File Thickness: 0.06mm-0.15mm    

Recording Mode: TPH    

Effective Printing Width: Approx. 210mm/8.3in    

Function: Transfer tattoo line draft, saving tattoo artist a lot of time    

Panel Button Introduction:    

MIRROR: Switch between two functions: mirror copy and normal copy. The default is mirror copy. When mirroring function is activated, mirroring light starts to work.    

PHOTO: Key conversion between two resolutions: image and text. In the image mode, lighting works    

DEEPNESS I: Normal mode for transfer effect.    

DEEPNESS II: A transfer mode with a darker color effect.    

STOP: Press the stop button to stop transfer.    

COPY: Press the COPY button to start transfer.    

POWER: When the power is turned on and working normally, light will be on.    

ERROR: When light is on, there is a problem with machine. When TPH is overheated, light will come on.    


    How to Use:

         1. Plug in the plug, turn on the switch on the left, and open the cover of the transfer machine.    

         2. Throw away the template paper (sandwiched between the white paper and the blue paper), put the white paper on top, and independently pull the yellow paper out of the input port. When the white and blue paper exceed the output port stop.    

         3. Close the lid    

         4. Put the document to be copied face down into the paper feeder, when the document is grabbed by the machine, please press the "copy" button    

         5. If you can't use it, please read the instructions carefully and follow the instructions in the instructions step by step.    


    Package List:

         1 x Transfer Machine    

         1 x English Manual    

         1 x Plug    

         50 x A4 Transfer Papers    






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