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Thermal Tattoo Transfer Machine USB Interface High Speed Wireless Tattoo Machine Pen Liner Shader Low Noise for Tattoo Artists

Thermal Tattoo Transfer Machine USB Interface High Speed Wireless Tattoo Machine Pen Liner Shader Low Noise for Tattoo Artists

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       1. Stable Performance: Tattoo stencil transper machine using thermal printing to provide high resolution, no need to replace parts and ink, which can provide high speed, clear patterns, and low noise.    

2. Improve Efficiency: There are no complicated keys on the machine, it can automatically fix the transfer paper, the tattoo pattern can be quickly copied to the paper, improving the work efficiency of the tattoo artist.    

3. USB Interface: Tattoo transfer printer using USB standard interface, you just need to connect the PC or mobile terminal, select the desired pattern on the APP, and transfer the tattoo pattern in a few seconds.    

4. Liner Shader: Tattoo machine adopted powerful motor, provide high speed and strong power, with 4.2‑12V voltage can be adjusted, suitable ofr both liner and shader, which can be installed most cartridge needles in the market.    

5. Wireless Use: With a 1500mAh battery, the tattoo pen adopted integrated design to avoid the usual complicated accessories and space restrictions, allowing you can freely tattoo at anywhere and under any circumstances.    


Item Type: Thermal Tattoo Transfer Machine Pen Kit    

Material: ABS, aluminum alloy, electronic components     

1. Thermal Tattoo Transfer Machine    

Color: White    

Battery: Lithium Battery 1200mAh(Included)    

Input: 5V 2A    

Interface: USB+     

Machine Length: Approx. 262mm / 10.3in    

Machine Width: Approx. 57mm / 2.2in    

Machine Height: Approx. 29mm / 1.1in    

Weight: Approx. 498g / 17.6oz    

Print Density: 8 dots /mm (203dpi), 1728 dots/line    

Printing speed: Maximum printing speed is 15mm/s    

Effective Print Width: Approx. 216mm / 8.5in    

Applicable Printer Paper: Standard A4 thermal printer paper or roll paper    

Endurance: 12.5% coverage files can be printed about 200 sheets, and the actual measurement of pictures is about 80 sheets(in the case of medium concentration).    

Print Head Life: 50km    

Interface: TYPE C USB interface, Bluetooth5.0    

Support Connected Devices: Mobile phone, for Windows7/8/10    

Key Function:    

Power lamp: High power display green; Medium power display red; Low power red blinking.    

Charging light: Indicates the charging status of the printer. When the printer is in charging state, the indicator light is on. When the printer is fully charged, the indicator is off.    

Status indicator: Indicates the real time status of the printer. When the printer is in normal state (with paper and print head down), the indicator is off. When the printer is in error state (lack of paper or cots raised), the indicator is blinking.    

Paper feed key: Press the paper feed key for a distance. Long press for 3 seconds to produce paper about A4 length.    

Open cover key: Press the open cover key to open the cover for cleansing and paper stuck processing    

Power switch: Press "-" to start the system. Please turn off the power after use.    

2. Wireless Tattoo Pen    

Size: Approx. 149 x 25mm / 5.9 x 1in    

Battery: Lithium Battery 1500mAh(Included)    

Process: CNC Integrated Carving    

Needle Stroke: 3.5mm / 0.14in    

Battery Interface: Type C Interface (USB C)    

Usage Time: 6-9 hours of continuous work    

Charging Time: It can be full charged in 3-5 hours without power    

Working Voltage Range: 4.2-12V;    

Voltage Adjustment Accuracy: Short press: 0.3V    

Speed: 12V 10000r/m    

LCD Screen Display Content: 2 position system output voltage, remaining power    

Suitable Needle: Most cartridge needles in the market    

Needle Stroke Length: 0-4mm adjust    


    How to Use:

         Thermal Tattoo Transfer Machine Operation Instruction:    

         1. Mobile APP printing: Download the APP on the mobile terminal, turn on the printer, connect to select the image for printing.    

         2.PC printing (for Windows7/8/10): Connect the printer to the computer with the data cable, and the printer is on, download and install the driver, you can select the picture to print.    

         3.APP download: Scan the QR code at the bottom of the machine, refer to the instructions, refer to the website to download and install.    

                      Tattoo Pen Operation Instruction:       

             Long press the power switch button to turn on/off the power; Press the power button to pause/restart; Press "+" "‑" button 0.3V to change the regulating voltage.      




    Package List:

    1 x Thermal Tattoo Transfer Copier

    1 x Tattoo Transfer Copier USB Charging Cord

    1 x Tattoo Transfer Copier Cloth Bag

    1 x Instruction

    1 x Wireless Tattoo Pen

    1 x Tattoo Pen USB Charging Cord

    1 x Tattoo Pen Cloth Bag


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