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Training Stroke Hand Splint Orthosis Rehabilitation Robot Gloves for Home Hospital

Training Stroke Hand Splint Orthosis Rehabilitation Robot Gloves for Home Hospital

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       1. Application: It is used for the rehabilitation of hand motor function in patients with stroke, hemiplegia and poor finger movement. Very effective for weak fingers, spasticity and uncontrollable finger grasping movements.    

2. Function: Can be divided into flexion and extension training, comfortable fit, can keep your hands in place, while gently stretching your joints, avoiding the contraction that sometimes occurs in serious accidents.    

3. Activating Neurons: The hands move synchronously, activate mirror neurons, and replicate the normal motor nerve pathways to the patient's hands, effectively promoting the brain's self recovery.    

4. Various Training Modes: The finger rehabilitation training device can provide a variety of training modes, such as passive, auxiliary and resistance, which can be adjusted according to your own needs and used more intelligently.    

5. Easy and Convenient Operation: The gloves are bent and extended under the push of the pump to restore hand function, and the elderly can complete the training independently at home.    


Item Type: Rehabilitation Robot Gloves    

Material: PVC    

Plug Type: US Plug 110-240V    

Remote Control Batteries: 2PCS AAA batteries (shipped without batteries)    

Application: Suitable for hemiplegic patients with functional disabilities, wrist and finger training    


    How to Use:

         1. Insert the silicone tube into the pneumatic channel outlet    

         2. Plug the charging adapter into the socket    

         3. Put on the smart glove, the fingertips should go all the way to the end of the smart glove    

         4. Tape the strap of the buckle to the wrist and make sure it is fastened tightly    

         5. Press the power button, and press the Start / Off button to start the quick start mode. The frequency in the initial mode is level 3 and the duration is 30 minutes.    

         6. Press the TIME key, the time display on the display starts to flash, press the + and ‑ keys to set the time duration. Training time can be set between 15 ‑ 60 minutes.    

         7. Press the FREQUENCY key, the frequency display on the monitor starts to flash, press the + and ‑ keys to set the frequency. The training frequency can be set between 1‑8 levels.    

         8. Press EXTENSION or directly press FLEXION to switch to manual mode.    


    Package List:

         1 x Finger Rehabilitation Trainer    

         1 x Grip    

         1 x Adapter    

         1 x Manual    

         1 x Glove    

         1 x Remote Control    

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