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Upgraded Full Band Radio Portable FM/MW/SW/WB Radio Receiver Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker TF Music Player Support Alarm Clock Lock

Upgraded Full Band Radio Portable FM/MW/SW/WB Radio Receiver Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker TF Music Player Support Alarm Clock Lock

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   Upgraded Full Band Radio Portable FM/MW/SW/WB Radio Receiver Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker TF Music Player Support Alarm Clock Lock

  Product parameters

  of Upgraded Model

   Receiving range: FM: 64- 108MHZ

  MW: 520-1710KHZ



  Receiving sensitivity: FM: 8dB

  MW: 3uV/M

  SW: 40dBuV

  Quiescent current: 60uA

  Maximum current: 7 20MA

  Speaker: 40mm/4Q/3W

  Signal-to-noise ratio: FM: 40dB



  Radio mode storage number: 114 can be stored

  (FM, 32 each for medium wave and 50 for short wave)

  Bluetooth version: VER 5.0

  Bluetooth receiving distance: 10 meters

  Minimum operating voltage: 3.4V

  External input voltage: DC: DC.5v

  Lithium battery: BL5C lithium battery: 3.7v 1000mAh

  TF card playback format: support MP3&WAVWMA format

  TF card maximum supported capacity 256G

  Product size 88X53X37MM

  Product net weight: 100 grams

   Packing list:


  1*Charging cable


  1*Storage bag


   Features of Standard Model:

   1. This product uses software programming to achieve full-band radio reception of FM, medium wave, short wave, WB (weather band in North American countries), with strong receiving sensitivity.

   2. This product uses high-tech audio technology, can be connected to Bluetooth wireless music transmission and playback, and can support up to 256G TF card music format playback.

   3. In the radio mode, this product supports coding pulley switch tuning, pressing the button to automatically search and store the station, and pressing the button to get the station, giving users a brand-new experience.

   4. The tuning key of this product adopts coded pulley tuning, 0-9 level selection.

   5. This product uses BL5C 1000MAH lithium battery, which has a long battery life. The battery is detachable to extend the service life of the product.

   6. This product is in Bluetooth, TF card music playback mode, and supports six types of audio EQ settings:

  1: Normal (NORMAL), 2: Pop music (POP), 3: Rock music (ROCK), 4: Jazz music (JAZZ),

  5: Classical music (CLASSIC), 6: Country (COUNTRY)

   7. This product can set the shutdown (sleep) time, you can set 70-60-50-40-30-20-10 minutes of sleep.

   8. This product is using medium wave receiver, the user can choose 9KHZ/10KHZ medium wave step value, there is no national boundary restriction.

   9. In the radio mode, the product can be set to enable the backlight display, and the backlight can be turned off.

   10. This product is in radio mode and can memorize 110 radio stations.

  (Frequency modulation/medium wave: each store 20 radio stations, short wave seven meter waves, each meter wave can store 10 each)

   Receiving Range

   MW:522-1620KHZ (Medium Wave Step Value 9KHZ)

  520-1710KHZ(Medium Wave Step Value 10KHZ)

  FM: 87-108MHZ



  Receiving Sensitivity FM: 8dB

  MW: 86dB

  SW: 32dB

  Quiescent Current:60uA

  Maximum Current:650MA

  Speaker :40mm/4/3W

  Signal to Noise Ratio:FM: 40dB

  MW: 30dB

  SW: 40dB

  Radio Mode Storage Quantity:110 can be stored.

  (20 Frequency Modulations,20 Medium Waves ,70 Short Waves)

  Bluetooth Edition:VER 5.0

  Bluetooth Receiving Distance:10 meters

  Minimum Operating Voltage:3.4V

  External Input Voltage Direct Current:DC.5v

  Lithium Battery :BL5C Lithium Battery:3.7v 1000mAh

  TF Card Playing Format :Support AV & WMA

  TF Card Maximum Supported Capacity256G

  Channel Selection ModeCoding pulley switch station adjustment / full-automatic search and storage station

  Product Size:89.2X61X37.8MM

  Net Weight :100g

   Packing list:


  1*Charging cable


  (No retail package)




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