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Vehicle double dual 2 Channel Loop Detector/Inductive Loop Parking Detector for gate barriers

Vehicle double dual 2 Channel Loop Detector/Inductive Loop Parking Detector for gate barriers

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   PD-232 Good Quality Car Parking dual channel loop detector:

  Functions &Features1 Reset Switch : The reset switch enables the detector to be manually reset during 

  registering and testing and it is a process of system recovery;

  2) Selectable Pulse Time : This feature sets the length of time that the pulse relay will be lasting for 1 Second or 0.5 Seconds ;

  3) Pulse Relay Selection : The Pulse Relay may be configured to energize on detection of a vehicle or when the vehicle leaves the loop;

  4) Sensitivity Reinforcement : This feature sets the un-detecting level to a maximum sensitivity to prevent failing to detect vehicles as big trucks;

  5) Switch Sensibility Adjustable : 4 sensitivity setting are available on the switches to change sensitivity ;

  6) Switch Frequency Adjustable : 4 frequency settings are available to prevent signal interference with neighboring loops ;

  7) Filtering Option : This option is used to provide a delay between detection of the vehicle and switching of the output relay . This relay is normally used to prevent false detection of small or fast moving objects ;

  8) Permanent Presence Option : This feature ensures the detection of the vehicle will be maintained when the vehicle stays within the loop area for extended periods

  Technical Data:

  1. Supply voltage: AC110V or 220V 

  2. Voltage tolerance AC: +10% / -15%

  3. Voltage tolerance DC: ±15%

  4. Power Consumption: 4.5VA 

  5. Operating temperature: -20°C to +65°C 

  6. Storage temperature: -40°C to +85°C

  7. Frequency range: 20 kHz to 170 kHz

  8. Reaction time: 10ms 

  9. Signal lasting time: Unlimited / limited when loop is permanently covered 10 minutes

  10. Sensitivity: Adjustable 

  11. Loop inductance: Total loop plus connection wiring: 50H to 1000H; Ideal is 100H to 300H

  12. Loop connection wiring: Maximum length 20 meters, twisted at least 20 times per meter

  13. Dimension: 78x40x108 mm (L x W x H)




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