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Wellzoom B desktop filament extruder 1.75mm & 3mm auto winder

Wellzoom B desktop filament extruder 1.75mm & 3mm auto winder

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   VDO demo:


  Device parameters:


  Extrusion rate : 10"~26" / min


  Diameter: 1.75mm and 3.00mm( 2 nozzles)


  Extrusion accuracy: +/-0.05mm(in 1.75mm); +/-0.1mm(in 3mm)


  Adapt material: PLA ,ABS, PVA and wood-plastic etc.


  Working temperature: 300 (max) 


  Accuracy of PID: +/-1


  Power requirement: 220V, 50Hz or 110V 50Hz


  Power: 120W


  Hopper capacity: 400ml


  Dimensions: 20"x5.52"x10" (No holder)


  Main features:


  1.Simple and beautiful appearance


  2.Multiple protection to ensure that equipment work with high reliability


  3.Easy to operate


  4.A variety of options to meet the needs of different types of customers


  5.Easy to clean the material cavity and change the nozzle


  6.Able to meet most of thermoplastic materials


  7.Able to color. It can meet your needs about the color and material of filament


  8.Cooling fan &weighttraction


  Auto winder


  1. Filament winder (spooler)

  2. Automatic work, winder speed can work with the extruder speed matching

  3. Easy to operate

  4. Control: optical sensors




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